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Microsoft Office Development Services

Our forte is developing powerful business solutions using the Microsoft Office suite of products. By using the built-in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language, we are able to automate Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word to work either on their own or together to produce highly functional, yet easy to use applications. Some of the applications we have built include:

Access Solutions 

  • Hospital nutrition database that track patients' nutrition education
  • Sales Contracts database that stores all corporate sales contract information. Replication in place to keep databases around the world synchronized.
  • Pharmaceutical QA databases that track incoming materials and outgoing product quality
  • Data warehouse for retail stores that includes IP tracking for frame-relay network

Excel Solutions 

  • On-line HR Focal Review application allowing managers real-time secured access to employee data and make pay/performance decisions
  • High-end dynamic reporting systems that deliver mission-critical financial information
  • Forecast and Planning tools complete with dynamic reporting and charting
  • Sales and Service Quotation systems

Access/Excel Solutions 

  • Sales Data reporting system that allows users to query an Access database via Excel in order to dynamically create functional reports.

Outlook/Word Solutions 

  • Time & Expense Billing application allowing users to store billing information (hours worked, expenses incurred, etc.) and print customized invoices.

So that we may best determine the right course of action for your particular needs, please contact ChemSoft® directly. Inquires may be made by calling 408.615.1001.

ChemSoft feels confident, that if given the opportunity to work with a client, the work will be done with the highest professional standards at a price that will be cost-effective. We hope that we will be put to the test.