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Application Development

The ChemSoft Approach

Our development approach at ChemSoft is built around our staff. We have a robust and efficient development methodology, covering all phases of a project's lifecycle from requirements through construction to maintenance. We use only staff developers, not contractors, to ensure that our developers use a shared development process and set of coding standards. This lets us produce high quality, easily maintainable systems that our clients can depend on for years to come. With decades of experience creating information systems, the ChemSoft staff has the technical and project management experience to be a major ally in achieving your business and technology goals.

Partner Relationships

The philosophy at ChemSoft is to cultivate and nurture long-term relationships with our clients. We work very hard to ensure that the applications we build not only produce immediate results, but are also scalable in order to meet our clients' evolving needs. We are proud that our clients consider ChemSoft to be a part of their team and consider us a valuable, contributing partner.

Development Methodology

In order to create a successful application, it must be built correctly from the ground up. We use our own specifications process to:

  • Understand the business needs of our client
  • Help our client work through the details of the design process
  • Ensure that the system will meet our client's needs
  • Ensure that all involved parties have a clear understanding of the system
  • Construct the application efficiently
  • Develop a test plan
  • Develop an implementation strategy

Quality Control

We are passionate about writing high quality, easily maintainable code. Software system design is the foundation for any successful application and is an area where ChemSoft excels. We carefully review the design of an application before we write even a single line of code. This design phase is vital to the project's success, as it has been well documented in our industry that each $1 spent in the design phase can save $3-5 in the construction and implementation phases.

  • Coding Standards
    We have an extensive set of standards for all the platforms we use, encompassing application design, module granularity, global object, commenting, naming, and error handling. We ensure that all our developers use a similar style to facilitate group development and maintenance.
  • Design Reviews
    We carefully review the design of an application before we write a line of code. Many flaws in an application can be avoided inexpensively at this stage. We prototype all screens to ensure that the application is consistent with the specifications.
  • Testing
    We unit test all modules and work with our customers to develop a comprehensive test suite for the entire application to maximize application quality.

Past, Present and Future

The company name originated based on the chemistry background of several of the developers at ChemSoft. With over 20 years of laboratory and laboratory management experience and a growing passion for computers and automation, ChemSoft was born. Originally developing applications for the scientific community, we soon discovered that the business world needed powerful and efficient solutions as well.

Extending and adapting Excel created a foundation of Visual Basic® and database experience. Consequently ChemSoft was well placed when the Microsoft Office suite became the de facto standard for the corporate desktop. During this period, our team consolidated their business consultancy and integration skills, which were put into effect by developing mission-critical applications for corporate clients such as 3Com and The Gap.

As Internet technology became an accepted vehicle for accessing business data, ChemSoft put to use their years of Visual Basic skills, integration expertise, and business analysis experience to provide our clients with web-enabled business solutions.

Responding to the pace of change of technology, the marketplace, and the needs of our clients, ChemSoft continues to evolve. The company has a dedicated staff of seasoned professionals who can assess the client's business and who are creative enough to develop novel, powerful, and easy-to-use solutions. This depth of experience and commitment to quality uniquely equips ChemSoft to assist your company in developing business solutions.


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